Sunday, November 8, 2009

Retrospective of MEIT Course cedo510oct09

As I finish my second MEIT Course (cedo510oct09) through Cardinal Stritch University, I was asked to reflect on the course. Specifically, did I 'connect' with the content and will it help me in the future?

Well, the course has been an eye-opening experience pulling me out of my comfort zone. A theme running through the course is one of change. All of must be prepared for technological change that impacts our teaching professions. Our instructor set the background for this theme of change by having us watch and comment on a 3-Part series titled, 'Triumph of the Nerds'. Series took us from the garage-tinkering PC hobbyists who adapted, and those that did not, to changes in technology and business/consumer acceptance of personal computers.

One of our course assignments had the class experimenting and reporting on alternative operating systems. I had heard of LINUX, but for the first time I got hands-on experience loading and exploring functionality in 2 LINUX OS'. I was amazed and astonished that the OS offered so much and could run with so few system resources. It was truly a transformational experience to realize that all of the older PCs relegated to scrap heaps because they could not run Windows 2000 - could have a new useful life. The same assignment opened my eyes to the Open Office software that came with Knoppix and Ubuntu and that the OS provided free software open to everyone at no price.

The 'Classroom of Tomorrow' blog assignment (see in blog history) made me pull it all together and think about what the future might hold. Change is inevitable so what are the forces that will shape and drive that change? Will the classroom even change at all? This particular assignment had me thinking, reflecting, pondering and puzzling for over a week. And isn't that the point of school and higher education - to make one think?

The MEIT cedo510oct09 course challenged my personal comfort zone with technology and, more importantly, has cemented the realization that change always does occur. As I move into the future I must deal with the tools and resources I have today and keep an eye on the technological and social horizons to plan for tomorrow.

Sunday, November 1, 2009